Welfare Benefit System

4 insurances : Heatlh insurance, national pension, employment insurance and occupational health and safety insurance

Dormitory : Operation of dormitory outside the company for employees commuting from far distance and employees from other regions

Regular health examination : Regular health examination to maintain health of employees

Corporate welfare insurance : Insurance to support stable livelihood and reduce financial burden of employees in cases of health emergency

Vacation system : 5-day work week and payment of annual paid leaves

Allowance and vacation on congratulations and condolences : Allowance and vacation on congratulations and condolences in order to share joys and sorrows of employees and promote sense of belonging and unity

Awarding of outstanding employees : Regular and non-regular awarding of outstanding employees to develop corporate culture and inspire self-esteem of individuals

Pregnancy support : Support on vacations before and after childbirth and maternity leave according to the Maternity Protection Act

Education support : Regular and non-regular education programs inside and outside the company to train experts

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