BLU(Back Light Unit)
TFT-LCD, the core display of digital multimedia devices, requires an external light source because it cannot emit light on its own. Device that provides light is referred to as BLU (Back Light Unit), and it generally consists of parts such as lamp (light source), LGP (Light Guide Plate), prism sheet, diffuser sheet and reflector sheet.
Structure and role of BLU

Protect Sheet
Since prism sheet can easily get scratched and show Moire phenomenon when 2 sheets are used, protect sheet is used to prevent this by broadening the angle of view narrowed by prism sheet.

Prism Sheet
Prism sheet plays the role of increasing luminance on the surface of backlight by refracting and concentrating light coming out of diffuser sheet.

Diffuser Sheet
Diffuser sheet has a function of scattering light coming out of the LGP surface in certain direction so that light can evenly spread out on the LGP surface.

Light Guide Panel
LGP plays a role of receiving light emitted by lamp using a transparent PC or acrylic panel and uniformly distributing light throughout the entire area using pattern with certain area and shape deposited on the acrylic surface.

Reflector Sheet
Reflector sheet has a function of reflecting and returning light coming out through the LGP bottom back into LGP.

BLU(Back Light Unit)
Base technology of BLU
Back Light Unit(BLU) is used as a dimming device that uniformly delivers light throughout a semi-transmission LCD panel. This lighting device expresses an image on LCD panel by adjusting the amount of light transmitted This is a light source of LCD (semi-transmission type, transmission type) used as display on mobile phone, PDA and smart phone that embodies best colors.
Product Specifications
Spec 1.8" ~ 10.1"
Luminance 6,500 ~ 11,500 cd/㎡
Uniformity 85% ~ 90%
Applied products Mobile phone, PDA, PDP, PMP, camcorder, navigation, etc.
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