Touch Key
Our touch key products are featured in an increasing number of home appliances, AV devices, OA devices, smartphones, and automotive electronics. , Market presence of the touch key is expected to further increase.

We have developed a capacitance TSP-based touch key as a substitute for the conventional membrane key. The capacitance technology features a double layer of ITO film and requires more processing and higher material cost, which makes it a challenge to apply to the membrane key. The touch key was developed to overcome this challenge. It uses conductive ink instead of ITO film and prints electrodes and patterns. Functioning of a touch key is enabled by the printed PEDOT technology at the transparent electrodes. Multi-layer silk screen printing of the conventional capacitance film to the rear of the window reduces cost by 20% to 30%.

> Applied products: Featured in home appliances (refrigerators, washing machines), AV devices, OA devices, smartphones, automotive electronics.
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