LCD Module
LCD module refers to TFT-LCD module, a core display material of digital multimedia devices that requires an LCD panel, BLU emitter functioning as a light source, and operating IC to operate the LCD panel, LCD module is a product that includes all of these three parts.

LCD module is an essential material for all products that use TFT-LCD as display. It is mainly used as LCD on various mobile devices including smart phone, tablet PC, navigation and PMP.

Our LCD module business started in 2010, and we provide LCD module for different mobile products like mobile phone to customers. We have accomplished a continued growth based on differentiated and original technologies, highest quality and quick response. We have competitive advantage in terms of productivity and quality level with automated facilities.

FINETEK will become a world class mobile display materials company offering excellent products and best quality.

> Applied products : Smart phone, tablet, PC, navigation, etc.
> Major production sites

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