BLU(Back Light Unit)
LCD, a core display of digital multimedia devices, needs an external light source because it cannot emit light on its own. A device that provides light is referred to as back light unit (BLU)), which is an important part of LCD that functions as a light source to shine uniform light on the back of LCD.

BLU is applied to LCD display used on various mobile devices such as mobile phone, tablet PC, navigation and PMP.

Our company started the BLU business in 2008 and currently supplies BLU for different mobile products including mobile phone to customers. We have accomplished a rapid growth based on differentiated and original technologies, highest quality and quick response. We have secured cost competitiveness through localization and internalization of important BLU parts, increasing productivity and quality level with automated facilities.

FINETEK will become a world class mobile display materials company offering excellent products and best quality.

>Applied products: Smart phone, tablet, PC, navigation, etc.

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